Timeless, Enduring Symbols of Love

Infinity collection was introduced in 2005 by DeGem to fulfil a need in the market for stylish and trendy, yet comfortable and practical to wear wedding bands. Today, Infinity is a top choice of wedding bands for couples looking for rings to symbolise their love and commitment. Each Infinity ring bears an engraving of the trademarked Infinity symbol infinity-symbol® – a knot that intertwines two persons together forever.

Every ring has been designed for comfort or optimum fit to the wearer, by creating a curved surface on the inside of the band to minimize friction against the skin. Apart from being attractive and comfortable, wedding rings also need to be durable as they will be worn every day for a long, long time. Since it’s introduction, Infinity has been keeping up to date not only with the latest designs and trends, but also with the latest technology to ensure that every piece of jewellery is not only beautiful, but also sturdy and secure.

Infinity uses state of the art 3D modelling technology to derive a mould and cast, allowing customisation of the ring, followed by the most intricate and detailed crafting of the finish product to the satisfaction of even the fussiest of clients.

In 2012, Infinity launched Infinity Timeless – a premium selection of designs which employs a cutting edge innovation which allows state-of-the-art, seamless joining of gold and platinum. The technique, known as thermal bonding allows for extremely fine and precise detailing on the ring, and ensures minimal porosity in both the gold and platinum used, increasing durability in the rings.

The trademarked Infinity symbol infinity-symbol® inked on every Infinity wedding ring is our assurance of delivering only the finest quality to our customers.

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